Prophetic Deceiver

by Tormenter

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Brand new album by Los Angeles Thrash Quintet Tormenter! 9 tracks of ear erupting metal featuring the single "Exile From Flesh" and a re-recording of the title track from their debut album "Pulse of Terror"


released July 24, 2015

All songs written and performed by Tormenter



all rights reserved


Tormenter La Puente, California

Formed in 2007, Tormenter is an aggressive metal quintet from the San Gabriel Valley just east of Los Angeles. Blending forms of thrash, death, and melodic metal, the 5-piece onslaught have honed a sound they can call they're own. Metal is in need of a kick in the ass...Tormenter is here to oblige!


Pulse of Terror (2010)
Phantom Time (2013)
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Track Name: Snakes In The Throne Room
Behold...A desolate nation
Poisoned minds for fodder
Blindly led to the slaughter

Serpents...assuming human form
Like a virus spreading disease
Bringing the world to it's knees

In depths
Unknown by mortal men
A prophecy fulfilled

To suffer endlessly
The truth becomes deceit
Humans obsolete

Deceived...illusions of freedom
Enslaved through a promise
By a tongue speaking dishonest

Stricken...the wound is getting worse
Vital signs begin to fade
Like christ we've all been betrayed

Repeat Chorus

Coiled...unstoppable evil
Imminent reality
Existing in totality

Venom...debilitating life
A nest of misanthrope
Abolishment of hope

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Hanging From A Noose
Pathetic excuse of human life
Condemned from the moment of birth
Tapped into the vein a symbiotic host
A slave at the beckon of a vile parasite

Sedated on the ground
Slipping from your sanity
Apparitions haunt you
Synthetic agony

Chorus:(Repeat twice)
Left to die inside your mind
Strangled by your addiction
To walk the line between life and death
Hanging...hanging from a noose

Enslaved by the vein
It slowly decays the brain
Voices begin to stir
Your memory is a blur
Dreamt delusional dreams
From withing a silent scream
Self-inflicted scars
Carved with broken shards

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Prophetic Deceiver
These eyes can see you into a realm
Where the lines of time align
Past, present, future

My hands alone they hold the key
To the secrets of eternity
Take me at my word

These eyes can see the storm to come
That will claim the first born son
Beginning and the end

My hands posses all the knowledge
To keep us from the edge
Take me at my word

Prophetic Deceiver x 4

Prophetic Deceiver x 4

Something wicked this way comes
Track Name: Exile From Flesh
Oblivious to the frailties
Inherent in our design
The lives we live on borrowed time
Are ripped away without a rhyme\

Propensity to perish
Annexation of dismay
The bane of our deficiencies
Through imperfect symmetry

Life's only certainty
A morbid guarantee
Exile...from flesh
Exile...from flesh

The heart will cease to beat
Oxygen will deplete

Repeat Chorus

When we die we're taken off
And then we are embalmed
Led to our final resting place
Six feet underground

There exist no immortal
No undying entities
Sustinent efforts in vein
Dealt beyond the agony of pain

Repeat chorus
Track Name: C.P.R
Track Name: Critical Stasis
Catatonic Stares of one thousand eyes
A harvest of screams, a deafening sound arise
Scarified tissue vestige of a terminal scourge
Suffering within the disease and soul coverge

Grinning at the scene
Feeding off the weak
Refusing to pull the plug

Successors of debility
Built upon infirmity
The dead are kept alive

Anesthetic agents keep the sick comatose
Lifeless yet alert millimeters from an overdose
As the cancer spreads they are stabilized by their vaccines
Excessive surgeries preventing death by any means

Repeat Chorus

Critical Stasis - Crime to euthanize
Critical Stasis - Life dehuminized
Track Name: The Final Form
Bio-duplication of a
Perfect genetic specimen
Xenomorphic endoskeleton
Horrific experiment

Breath after breath
Death after death

Kneel before
The Final Form

Unstoppable creation
The endless pursuit of pain
Multitudes of death ensue
The task to dominate

Repeat chorus

Engineered to attack voracious disposition
The sum of playing god a mistake in evolution
Void of atrophy the embodiment of immortality
Like a hydra's head strengthened by each fatality

Bio-duplication of a
Perfect genetic specimen
Xenomorphic endoskeleton
Horrific experiment

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Sacrilege
Accused of treason and heresy
By the coven who rule the papacy
Repudiated deep seated beliefs
Exhausted patience of their decrees

Chorus 1:
You're preached of acceptance
But taught with irreverance
Sentenced to an infernal
Amercement eternal

Without a trace you're laid to rest
A martyr slain at their behest
Cathedrals of fear erected in faith
A symbolic crypt to entomb the wraith

Repeat Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Sacrilege x 3

Severed tongues and names erased
Lessons to threaten the profane
Freedom of thought an illicit deed
Handed down by the hypocrisy

Repeat Chorus 2
Track Name: Cosmic Collapse
Improbable anomaly a day thought to never come
The prophets told but were ignored now to the sun we will succumb
Accompanied by space debris the ruination is at hand
Absent minded to this terror aberration we can't withstand

The sky will turn to red from the exposure of the sun
The ozone will melt away then the damage will be done

Cosmic Collapse
Mortal coil burned
Life continues to burn

Cosmic Collapse
No where to turn
Life continues to burn

When the earth has been burnt to a crisp and implodes from within
The universe will follow suit in a volatile chain
Force that has no control as with life it will bring death

Repeat Chorus

We were blind to see beyond
The writing on the wall
We helped to accelerate
The end that's come to soon
There will be no life left
After the implosion
What we believed of the afterlife
Will soon be justified
All we knew all we lived
Will never be retold
Track Name: Pulse Of Terror (2014) edifice erupted in the blink of an eye
Catalyst...igniting the flame of a tomb yet conceived
Suffocate...strangled by the smoke of this horrid sepulcher
Asphyxiate...stifled on the ground until you're pummeled to a pulp

A choir of cadavers yet to be deceased
Singing to the tune of their own misery
A nightmare that was ripped out straight from your dreams
And then it was turned into a living hell

Chorus: (repeat twice)
Death unleashed terrorized
People dying instantly
Charred remains skeletal waste
Death in vein

Vesicate...the skin rises, blisters, and then falls of the bone
Cauterized...trapped in a crypt where they'll all incrimate
Volatile...the air that they breath incinerates their insides
Suicide...leaping to their fate to escape this crematorium

Repeat Chrous Twice

Paralyzed on the ground
The fire feels like a thousand needles poking you at once
An effigy for all to see
Their eyes over swollen in and out of consciousness
Debris consumed the epicenter
Death begins to spread at an epidemic pace
Ironically bodies burn
Their wish to be cremated has become reality